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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 4, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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now. are here records -- impressively cold numbers around the area. one below zero in washington dulles. 14 at reagan national. belowcord low was one zero. it beat the old record of six degrees of 1980. a new record high. that beats the record of high. no record at reagan national airport. temperatures after sunset will fall rapidly. we are forecasting was between seven and of -- seven above and 20 degrees above. single digits a possibility. we will make a nice recovery. our average high is 52.
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well below average. at least we are headed in the right direction. more in a few minutes. >> the arctic air gripping our region is taking its toll on our wallets. some of the cost may never be recovered. brad bell is live in college park to tell us about the impact of the winter that refuses to end. >> we are starting to be able to put a price tag on this winter. it is a big number. the pepco bills across the region are up 17%. many are higher than that. day, time we get a snow small businesses take a big hit. scott wishes this winter had never happened. likes it has been rough area and >> his business is off 12%. days have had a lot of where we have been open but we didn't do a full days worth of
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his nose. they can only shovel the sidewalk at his construction site. it is too cold to work on the house. >> i can get the walls poured. >> he says lost time is lost money. a pepco bill is usually $300. >> i had a $600 electric bill. i cut down trees to heat my house. it is rough. >> university maryland economist says the winter has hit the economy hard. >> $50 billion in lost gdp. >> car sales will build bouncing back -- car sales will bounce back. >> i was in the district the place was shut down. >> just ask this manager. he open for a while. nobody came. >> no customers.
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no money. impacts,ng list of salt him following drugs are shot -- salt trucks are shot. we have learned the state of maryland has had to released when he million dollars in funds to help low income families. d.c. mayor vincent gray is calling on the secret service to change its policies about street closures when dignitaries visit the nation's capital. this comes after today. described as son as the worst gridlock. .raffic came to a halt roads were closed near the convention center for the conference. a delayed opening and d.c. schools and the federal government contributed to the gridlock. >> let's get to key developments
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to the crisis in the ukraine. tough talk by the u.s. and russia. vladimir putin spoke on the conflict for the first time today. words that drew response from president obama and secretary of state john kerry. speaking with someone in the ukraine with more on the fragile situation. have two sides saying they do not want this to escalate. both prepared to take further action. john kerry delivering that message. want todent obama and i make it clear to russia and everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. there is a better way for russia to pursue its legitimate interests in the ukraine. >> with russian warships on the coast, and troops around military bases, this part of the
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ukraine is under the world microscope tonight. >> >> i know president who in has a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations. i do not think that is fooling anybody. >> the threat is there. you have -- with a person taking part in the protests. threats of economic sanctions against russia may be their biggest help. today, it is the ukraine.
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tomorrow, russia will occupy lot via. -- latvia. it is a threat to the world. >> the russians caused alarm, flawed -- firing a ballistic missile in. that was preplanned before the invasion. not to be shown as a sign of aggression. >> we have one more note on this. word thatt surged on russia had pulled back troops. the s&p 500 gained 28 points. closing any record high. >> fire destroyed a large home in anne arundel county.
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because of the rural location, fire crews had to truck water in from seven miles away. a dog and two children were home but escaped unharmed. it is unclear what caused the fire. up, a politician turns to a snow shovel to defend himself its accusations of corruption. >> the financial impact of the government showdown on the national park service. >> allegations of interference into the stabbing
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>> police and the gum recount here asking for public's help after a shooting in an upscale neighborhood that left one person dead. the man's body was found in the driveway of a home on locklin lane. another man arrived at a nearby hospital in critical condition. investigators are trying to figure out how the two men are connected. >> the man leading the investigation into the attack has resigned. he blames interference. and the inspector general wanted him to turn down his findings. senator deeds was injured last november when his son stabbed him hours after being released from a mental evaluation because of a lack of space. he took his own life later. interestdent sparked
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in recalling the mental health system. spokesperson from his office tells abc seven mary is inspected to be released from a centerl therapy tomorrow. .he 70-year-old former mayor >> a snow shovel to defend himself against allegations of wrongdoing. he left court today shovel in hand after a judge appointed the commonwealth attorney to leave the effort. >> snow shovels [inaudible] a bunch of crazy
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allegations. >> he is referring to the southern poverty law center. in recent legal filings, he demands the group explained how it decides what is a hate group. live in national park services says the government shutdown cost it millions of dollars. >> doug hill's warning for the low temperatures expected tonight. predictions for when you will see the cherry blossoms. a the terrapins hope to plan seat against their opponents. stephen strasburg has spring theater
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>> president obama's three point $9 trillion budget is now in the hands of congress. mr. obama made his sales pitch at an elementary school today. the proposal includes new spending for pre-education
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training, job training, and expansion of the income tax credit for low income workers with no kids. >> it is a roadmap for creating jobs with good wages. >> the president has opted for the political stunt for a budget about firing up the base rather than solve the long-term challenges. >> the budget calls for raising about $650 billion in revenue by limiting tax deductions for the wealthiest americans. of a had 16 days government shutdown. in her porch sheds light on what that cost. one federal agency. ds light on what it cost the national parks. $14 million in lost visitor bending. >> it will soon be cherry blossom season.
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the national park service announced peak bloom will be between april 8 and 12. the festival kicks of earlier on march 20. this year marks the second anniversary of the gift of trees from japan, a symbol of friendship with the u.s.. >> we are happy to see those blossoms. it gives you hope. >> it will not be warm tonight. the little progress by the weekend. maybe in the 50's. >> progress to normalcy. >> we will start up with oakdale. everything is snow came up. -- the sun came up. the breeze dried it out. coal skies. many parts of the area will be down to low numbers.
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billy -- bowie. a low degrees in st. mary's county. officially, check these numbers out. the high reagan national, 32. the low as 14. the low temperature was two degrees colder than what our average low is. our high average is 52. 20 degrees below average. just make you feel better, in 1983, reagan national and 82 degrees. what about the records this ?orning the all-time temperature of one below zero. the lowest temperature ever recorded for baltimore. going back to 1873. coldreally unprecedented
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air out there. temperatures are going to fall quickly. 7-20 degrees. mostly clear. a study angle. cold a remains along the coast. 34. that is it. gete are signs that we will a change in the wind direction. a couple of systems to watch. come on it'sill heels here. going to keep the precipitation south of our area as well. we will see the moisture creeps northward. beyond that, warming numbers. we turn the clocks ahead
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saturday night. >> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> we trust tim brant is safe and warm of the comcast center. >> he looks that way. he is there for a big game tonight. >> this is march. the madness is around the corner. they have to play every day like it is the playoffs. they play virginia tech here tonight. nextcc tournament starts wednesday. looking at the ballclub here. they have to play all types. they have to try to extend their season. they have to have fun. and they have to be disciplined. >> life is short and careers are short. we have to enjoy what they have and grasp every game like it is the last they will play.
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we feel like we are a good tournament. you played well. we feel confident we can prepare . coach.head in the phone booth, it is senior night at verizon. g-man, playing the final home game of the season. talking about the wizards, they have won six in a row. trying to get to seven straight for the first time six 2010. it didn't happen. he hit this three-pointer. washington came back. a cut to two. they lose at the final. performance of the night came from lebron james. first 83-pointers.
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a career high of 61 points. they beat the bobcats. the final was by 10. he had 61 points for the heat. baseball fans, nats on the field today. talk about spring fever. stephen strasburg makes his debut. he pitched two innings. he gave up one hit. no runs. a good performance. play goodman made a nice and gave him good support. they lose to the braves. the final was 8-4. maryland terrapins could use him tonight. a full words. they need all the help they can get as we approach the playoffs. we are talking basketball out here tonight. it is the maryland terrapins against virginia tech. they are playing for seating in the acc tournament which starts in greensboro.
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there is a look at sports. back to you. >> a final
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>> tonight it is going to get cold again. check out the temperatures. , 20 degrees expected at reagan national airport. a nice recovery after that cold start. a be as high as 41. our average high is 52. our seven day shows temperatures in the 40's, as high as 54 on sunday. that is good stuff. >> news is next. >> have a good night.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, faceoff. as russia's president putin speaks out, drawing his line today. and so does president obama. [ gunshots ] stray bullets and a missile test. are we closer to conflict tonight? record cold, freezing the roads again. a convoy of trucks stranded on the ice. and around the country, temperatures plunge to their lowest in a century. losing it. the news, tonight, about anger and the toll it takes on your heart, long after you think it's over. and "real money." the family recipe that turned a mother into a millionaire. >> you just got to go claim your